How to become an accredited WSA Analyst

Public courses available 

The WSA Accreditation Programme has traditionally been run as an in-house programme but now public courses are also available.

The Work Style Analyser does not require British Psychological Society (BPS) level A or B as a pre-requisite for attending a qualification programme. A willingness to learn and an opportunity to use it to benefit your organisation (or your client organisations) are the only pre-requisites.

The overall objective of the WSA Accreditation Programme is to build skill and capability in its Analysts, so that they are able to use the WSA ethically and accurately for the benefit of their people, their teams and their organisation.

The training style and approach is interactive, practical, creative and up-beat.

Accreditation Programme

The WSA Accreditation Programme consists of:: 

  • Full two day workshop focused on knowledge of the instrument, interpretation, application and feedback skills.
  • 8-12 week gap for project work and application to business needs.
  • Follow-up day which includes project reviews and the Analyst Test. This test is mandatory and is focused around interpretation skills and practical applications.
  • Projects and test papers are reviewed by approved Chartered Occupational Psychologists and licensed Senior Analysts, who provide a pass/fail review and feedback, if required.
  • Upon successful completion of the Programme, newly accredited Analysts receive a numbered certificate and access to the online Work Style Analyser and/or materials, as required.

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In 2013 WSA Accreditation Programme will be available for the public

Introducing the Work Style Analyser to a wider audience.

The WSA Accreditation Programmes, which have traditionally been run as in-house programmes, are now available to a wider audience of ethically-minded professionals seeking to improve organisational performance. 

Measure individual work preferences to facilitate improved communication, accelerate development and optimise the effectiveness of your people.

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