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Facilitating an open feedback conversation based on an informed hypothesis.

Features and Benefits

The Work Style Analyser is a self-report psychometric questionnaire which has been specifically designed for use in business. It provides a very valuable and accurate insight into the work styles of individuals and facilitates an open feedback conversation based on an informed hypothesis.  

In this one questionnaire, the 5 WSA profiles cover all areas of work style preference:

  1. Work Style
  2. Motivation
  3. Team
  4. Learning
  5. Change

Why choose the Work Style Analyser?

  • Valid, reliable & robust - built on solid foundations of  rigorous research and multiple work-based trials with the input of real HR and L&D professionals and validated in the work-place using real people and real organisations.
  • Versatile - valuable tool in a wide variety of business contexts. Used for personal coaching, leadership & management development; team development and conflict management; talent management, recruitment and assessment centres. 
  • Pragmatic, accurate and easy to use - designed for immediate and practical application in the work place with a jargon-free and common sense-approach. 
  • Efficient - explores a broad range of perspectives in just one test.
  • Candidate-friendly - quick to complete and a positive, non-threatening experience for the analysed delegate. No 'boxing' into types and no psychobabble.
  • Powerful online application - gives Analysts convenience, flexibility and peace of mind.  Accessible from all devices, including mobile phones, iPads, Notebooks and Tablets. 
  • Accessible - the Accreditation Programme does not require a BPS Level A or B qualification.

The Work Style Analyser will help you ...

  • Identify strengths and development areas of individuals, teams and leaders
  • Design appropriate development plans
  • Increase motivation, confidence and communication
  • Optimise team effectiveness through increased integrity, understanding and respect
  • Identify and retain high performers and leaders
  • Make objective selection decisions
  • Align management capability to business strategy
  • Improve organisational performance by optimising the effectiveness of your people


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