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How is the WSA psychometric tool being used?

How is this psychometric tool used in the corporate world?

Refreshingly versatile, the Work Style Analyser has many applications and adds value in a wide variety of business contexts:

  • Creating development plans - personal, team & leadership
  • Team development/conflict management
  • Personal coaching
  • Senior level assessments
  • Career & talent management
  • Enhancing recruitment and assessment centre processes

At the root of all of the WSA applications is the opportunity to facilitate an open conversation, based on an informed hypothesis. The WSA is unique in exploring a broad range of perspectives in one questionnaire - motivation, team role, work style, learning style and approach to change.

Participants complete the WSA questionnaire prior to a validation discussion. Unlike some other instruments, it is relatively low on "psychology speak", providing instead clear and easily understood data which enables participants to make good decisions about what to do when they get feedback on their results.

Leadership & Management Development

  • Identifies how an individual compares to generic leadership styles.
  • Allows an in depth analysis of what would motivate each specific individual to be a leader.
  • Facilitates bespoke development planning to move a person towards realising their potential as a leader.

Team Development & Conflict Management

  • Explores team strengths and vulnerabilities in the context of business or strategic goals.
  • Identifies gaps to support recruitment or succession planning decisions.
  • Provides the basis for team goal setting and action planning discussions.
  • Provides an objective language for addressing team conflict issues.

Personal Development & Coaching

  • Provides the vehicle to facilitate an in-depth conversation about current strengths and limitations.
  • Examines the motivational drivers which underpin behaviours.
  • Shows clearly how change can best be introduced for each individual.
  • Encourages a non-judgmental tone to conversations and shows that each limitation has a commensurate strength.

Career & Talent Management

  • Explores preference, motivation and learning style in the context of career change and transition.
  • Provides a structure for a career conversation, focusing on individual and business needs.
  • Clearly identifies what a career needs to involve to appeal to the natural motivations of each individual.

Recruitment & Assessment Centres

Use the WSA's Recruitment Report to identify a candidate's key strengths and weaknesses against a comprehensive set of competence areas. These areas are Analyst-selected to accurately reflect the needs of the management role concerned. To aid the interview process a unique set of competency related questions is also presented.

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