• Recruit the right people, increase employee retention, improve your team performance.

  • Discover why you are not getting the most out of your talent pool.

  • Diagnose and predict working style strengths and limitations.

  • Bring increased communication and understanding to strengthen working relationships.

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Work Style Analyser:
the choice of business-minded HR and L&D professionals

The Work Style Analyser psychometric tool is used to improve organisational performance, by optimising the effectiveness of its people. It is a highly accurate diagnostic and predictor of working style strengths and limitations, providing non-judgmental information to facilitate appropriate change, promote understanding and accelerate development of teams and individuals. 

The WSA measures self-reported working preferences rather than skill or ability and avoids boxing people into narrow definitions or personality types, recognising that every person is unique in their working style.  For the analysed delegate it is a positive, non-threatening experience which engages and enthuses them, leading to increased motivation, confidence and communication. 

Work-based psychometric tool

Refreshingly versatile, the Work Style Analyser is a thoroughly researched and validated psychometric tool which has many applications and adds value in a wide variety of business contexts:

  • Personal Development & Coaching
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Team Development
  • Conflict Management
  • Career & Talent Management
  • Recruitment & Assessment Centres
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Who uses the Work Style Analyser?

The Work Style Analyser is successfully used by professionals involved with Talent Management, Management Development, Learning & Development, Recruitment, Employee Engagement and Retention, Team Building and Team Development programs.

It is highly effective during Senior Level assessment programmes and to enhance Assessment Centre processes.  It has also proved an invaluable tool for the creation of development plans.